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        Product family information

        TrueFashion is the LED projector family catering to the miniaturisation and presentation needs of specialised retailers.Firstly, these miniaturised spots, with clean and fine detailing, offer contemporary design and blend seamlessly into your shop's interior for a tailor-made look.Secondly, it provides a high-quality accentuation effect thanks to its innovative OptiAccent lens technology (FPO), which provides a higher central intensity beam without spill light to maximise the contrast ratio, which optimises the accent effect. Especially in challenging narrow spot (12o) and spot (18o) applications, the difference of OptiAccent to Chip on Board and reflector optics is like day and night. OptiAccent also reduces direct glare by a factor of 5 to enable superior visual comfort.Lastly, TrueFashion also takes care of the light spectra: the specially designed Philips LED flavours enhance colours (saturation) and whites, while offering high degree of fidelity (>CRI90).This is how TrueFashion ensures a superior light experience in your retail applications.


        High-impact and dramatic accentuation effect
        Unobtrusive and flexible lighting installation
        Bright whites, crisp blacks, vibrant colours
        Increased visual comfort


        Quality of Light with dedicated Philips Fashion Proof Optics which are designed for fashion with a high centre beam intensity, low glare and absence of spill light
        Philips Fashion LED flavours: PremiumWhite CRI 90, 3,000 k/3,500 k/4,000 k, PremiumColour and Denim
        Miniaturised spot head with a diameter of 66 mm for the Mini and 80 mm for the Compact size
        Full range of beams from Extra narrow beam 6° with 64 Kcd centre beam intensity up to 12°/18°/24°/30°/36° beam angles
        TrueFashion EasyAim for remote aiming of high window spots and Interact Retail Display to attract shoppers in the street


        Interact retail


        Food and large retailers

        Warning & Safety

        The luminaire should be mounted outside of arm's reach
        The luminaire should be installed and disassembled by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEE electrical regulations or the national requirements
        Product Data Sheets
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        Product family details
        • Barndoor ST710Z
        Beam angle lightsource
        • 120 °
        Beam spread luminaire
        Main colour of the luminaire
        • Black, silver
        • No, yes
        • Power supply unit with DALI interface (PSD)
        • Power supply unit (PSU)
        Initial correlated colour temperature
        • 3000 K
        Initial input power
        • 19.2 W
        Initial LED luminaire efficacy
        • 60 lm/W
        Initial luminous flux
        • 1150 lm
        Input frequency
        • 50 to 60 Hz
        Input voltage
        • 220 to 240 V
        Inrush current (A)
        • 5, 18 A
        • Housing: aluminium
        • Beam angle 6°
        • ST720T
        Warranty period
        • 5 years
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