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    OneSpace luminous ceiling


    Pursue uncluttered minimalistic visions. Philips OneSpace is a made-to-measure luminous ceiling panel that liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design. Transform any interior into one cohesive space, with beautiful homogeneous light.

    OneSpace luminous ceiling panel - beautiful homogeneous light

    What is OneSpace luminous ceiling?


    OneSpace combines state-of-the-art lighting and acoustic technology in a sleek-looking luminaire.This easy-install ceiling-panel:


    • Delivers refreshing illumination, thanks to hidden LEDs that spread light evenly through the panel surface
    • Enhances room acoustics using sound-absorbing materials
    • Creates a minimalistic modern look, with its super thin edge, invisible light source, and homogeneous, daylight-like illumination
    • Integrates discreetly with ceiling architecture and your building management system, thanks to multiple mounting possibilities
    • Exceeds industry safety standards with incombustible construction materials and a mounting system five times stronger than the panel weight
    • Comes in made-to-measure sizes, up to 10 m x 3 m.
    A close up of the Luminous Onespace

    How can OneSpace help?


    Public spaces and airports can be stressful places. Calm people down with clean, serene light that creates a tranquil outdoor feeling. Support staff at check-in desks, with clear visibility and an ambience that relaxes travelers. Reduce mental fatigue, with sound absorbing panels that moderate distracting background noise.


    Flagship stores and shopping malls can make a distinct design statement, thanks to the cool look of OneSpace. Tranquil ambience helps shoppers to relax while perusing potential purchases, so they spend longer in your store. Customers feel at home thanks to the softened acoustics and simple aesthetics supplied by minimalistic ceiling panels.


    Car showrooms and museums are places where visitors want to take their time absorbing their surroundings. Give them a visual treat, with high quality, glare-free illumination that shows objects in their best light, enhancing color and texture. Create an unhurried, quiet atmosphere with echo-absorbing ceiling panels.


    Lounges and lobbies transform into serene social spaces with OneSpace. Bright, inviting ambience creates a pleasant atmosphere to sit and talk in. Improved acoustics and consistent lighting help people focus for longer without fatigue.


    Meeting rooms and receptions create the right impression, thanks to the slick appearance of OneSpace. Its clear illumination is reminiscent of daylight, and helps people to converse for longer without energy-draining eye-strain.

    A sketch of a car showroom applied with Luminous Onespace, one of the many possibilities that Luminous Onespace offers
    A sketch of luminous onespace applied in a shop


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