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    Using controls to reduce costs

    Lighting doesn’t just illuminate our environment. It can enhance performance, form and function, improve safety and security and create flexible spaces that adapt to the task at hand. Our lighting solutions give the greenlight to a happier and safer place to work. Up to 75% of a conventional lighting bill is wasted cost. The use of intelligent lighting systems will apply the correct level of light when needed to help meet carbon emissions targets, legislation requirements and dramatically reduce expenditure, whilst improving efficiency and comfort.
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    It was clear that by upgrading the lighting we would deliver fast results in terms of energy-saving, with a number of additional benefits.”


    Karl Rumball, Head of Facilities Management, Avent

    Increase Sustainability


    Buildings can account for 40% of the country's energy consumption and around 30% of that is related to lighting. With concerns about the environmental impact of buildings on climate change, many organisations are committed to using more sustainable solutions. Philips' green building initiatives and solutions can make your building greener and more energy efficient, as increasing quality and productivity. Introducing lighting controls can ability to reduce energy consumption – by as much as 55%, as well as improving the ambience of the environment through tailored light solutions.

    Choosing your Controls

    Choosing your Controls


    Lighting controls range from simple switches to advanced integrated systems made up of user interfaces, sensors, controllers, drivers and software. ‘Plug and program’ solutions work in combination with other building management systems, but require programming of the system, additional costs, time and resources. ‘Plug and play’ solutions require little or no commissioning to achieve optimal results (more than 70%).

    Planning lighting in combination with a controls solutions is key; Philips has an extensive controls proposal to help you choose the most cost-effective and easy to use solution.

    Dynamic Instore Lighting

    Dynamic Instore Lighting


    Retail success depends on creating a relaxing environment in which customers can enjoy discovering the merchandise you have to offer. A unique shopping experience will encourage them to linger for longer and feel at ease with your brand. The longer they spend in store, the more they’ll be inclined to buy. Lighting can give your store real stopping power by distinguishing your facade, creating irresistible window displays and bringing products to life. Lighting controls are the perfect way to set the right lighting mood so you can encourage your customers to feel relaxed and carry on browsing.

    Optimising controls for Hospitality

    Optimising Controls for Hospitality


    Philips control systems allow guests to control all aspects of their room from one intuitive interface. The control system can be integrated to the hotel’s management system to allow for real-time room updates. HVAC can be controlled based on occupancy to reduce energy costs, fast-cool rooms for comfort, and monitor guest departure for cleaning service. There are many different lighting and mechanical load controls, requiring a different type of control for dimming, switching or setting third-party equipment. Philips offers mixed control units that drive multiple load types from one controller.


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