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    EasyAir SNO110


    The SNO110 is the latest addition to the EasyAir portfolio for outdoor applications. It plugs in via the Zhaga-defined SR connector on a luminaire; it’s that simple. 


    This GPS-controlled device can be configured without power via SimpleSet (NFC) at assembly, or during installation via Bluetooth. Once in use you can adjust light levels and schedules on the spot, simply by using a free downloadable smartphone app, so you get to see the results right away. The app gives access to all relevant settings including the 5-step DynaDimmer, which can be set to an accuracy of one minute, and automatically adjusts to summer/winter time. Groups of luminaires can be configurated identically, simply by selecting one profile for a group.  The very accurate synchronization of switching-on or off and the dimming scheme is done automatically via the GPS satellites.

    Easyair sno100

    Application areas



    • Simple twist-and-lock connection to the SR connector on a luminaire 
    • Functions as a stand-alone controller 
    • On-the-spot adjustment to optimize street lighting 
    • Replaces existing Photocell and LineSwitch solutions

    Easy on-site configuration through smartphone apps:  EasyAir SNO App 

    Supporting apps

    In Field Apps


    Easy on-site configuration through free to download smartphone apps:



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