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OEM lighting

The future is stand-alone lighting that works with Philips field app MC


Simplifying the connectivity challenge. Step up your connected game, using nothing other than wireless components, a Bluetooth connection and our new intuitive Philips field app MC. It’s never been easier to create and control a flexible and scalable wireless lighting network, with guaranteed interoperability. 

Meet WiZ Pro

Meet WiZ Pro!


The connected lighting platform for quick and easy ambience creation.

WiZ Pro is an innovative, value-focused solution for connected lighting focused on creating inviting spaces. WiZ Pro offers a range of products and a robust ecosystem consisting of smart wireless hardware and intuitive software package that offers the most amazing opportunities. Play with light like a pro!

OEM technology services

Driving your business 24/7 with OEM technology services


Everything you require and more within one platform! The latest industry trends, news, product innovations, “how-to” videos and all the digital tools and services in one place only – My Technology Portal. 

My Technology Portal - OEM LED Catalog

OEM LED Catalog has gone digital!


Now your favorite product is one click away! Discover the “clickable GPC” exclusive feature in the new LED Catalog widget within My Technology Portal. Just click on your favorite product and let yourself be guided to more information about it. 

MultiOne - driving your business

Drive your business via your mobile


We’re expanding our range of MultiOne tools to make your life easier, like our latest addition: MultiOne Mobile. From installation to maintenance and in-field configurations, it’s got you covered – wherever business takes you. 

Easy Design-In Tool

The tool you trust, but now even better


Easy Design-In Tool is there for you - all day, every day. Soon to be launched, the enhanced digital tool includes new features to support your daily business. Enhanced search options, “guide me” functionality, improved user experience, Easy Design-In tool has all the help you need.

Compose and Connect Configurator

Compose, configure, connect


Get to know the one-stop tool that builds connected systems in just a few clicks. Explore a wide range of smart products that work with the Philips field app MC. Discover the Compose & Connect Configurator’s easy steps. Start configuring and get connected!