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lady looking at her laptop - connected lighting

This is the future of connected lighting

Simple, scalable, standardized. Achieve interoperability by using our intuitive Philips field app MC to control drivers, sensors, switches, and potentially gateways, in a connected lighting network. The app provides customers a simple and quick lighting system with features that add value beyond illumination.
Philips field app security - connected lighting

Connected lighting defeats potential hackers

Security is embedded in every aspect of our innovations. Discover the Philips field app MC – a simple way to create connected lighting networks that guarantee interoperability with technologies that protect your security. Lighting systems that work with the app are extremely safe and secure thanks to four key technology choices.
My technology portal - OEM digital services

Driving your business 24/7 with OEM digital services

Discover the latest improvements to My Technology Portal including new widgets, upcoming product phase-outs based on your order history, “how-to” videos in our Knowledge Center and learn everything about the latest market news and insights.
Compose & Connect Configurator

Compose, configure, connect

Get to know the new Compose & Connect Configurator one-stop tool that builds connected systems in a few clicks. Explore a wide range of smart products that work with the Philipsfield app MC. Discover the tool’s easy steps, start configuring and get connected!
Guide to smart systems

Your guide to smart systems

We know the everlasting need to easily find and select components, both for new systems and replacements. With the Easy Design-In Tool 2.0, you’re covered. Select from SR components, save time and make your work easier, while maintaining quality.
Multione - driving your business

Driving your business

Our range of MultiOne tools are designed to provide the right support at every stage in the process – from installation to maintenance. Each tool has certain functions that will bring maximum benefit for each specific production stage. Learn more about the different tools and discover how you can drive your business!