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    The birth of

    Philips hue

    Light Bite

    on the birth of hue

    The light bulb has been a ubiquitous piece of technology for over a hundred years. However, it has not until recently progressed beyond its original function of functionally illuminating a space. Philips launched the world’s first connected color changing light bulb, Hue, at the end of 2012 with the ambition of changing how people think about a light bulb from a device that can be switched on and off to a product that enhances and enriches how they live their lives.


    This Light Bite will take you through how the concept and technology of Hue was chosen and how we see lighting play in the connected home of the future.

    Presented by:

    Filip Jan Depauw
    Sr Global Director Connected Lighting, Philips
    George Yianni
    Head of Technology, Connected Lighting, Philips

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