Bringing light to the
    Internet of things

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    Using light to connect the physical and the digital world

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    Bringing light to the Internet of things

    From the first emails to Web 2.0 to the cloud and mobile access, the Internet has made spectacular progress over the past decades. One of the things that the future has in store is an “Internet of things”: connected appliances and machines that dynamically and intelligently adapt to users’ needs and preferences. In these developments, light may play a crucial part.

    As the possibilities for digital, connected lighting develop and expand, our smart lighting infrastructure can become the glue that connects the physical world to the digital realm, creating a true “Internet of light”. In this brave new world of connected intelligence, lighting can become an integral and responsive part of our everyday environments.

    In Semantic lighting, you will discover how the Internet of light will revolutionize every aspect of our lives, as lighting technology becomes aware of the humans that use it, the context in which it is being applied, and the tasks that it plays a part in. What used to be the stuff of science fiction is now in the pipeline as our newest smart lighting applications.

    Join this webinar hosted by Zary Segall, and learn how the Internet of light will connect the world of things to the online world of information, in ways we had never dreamed of.



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    Meet your host:

    Zary Segall

    Zary Segall is Endowed Chair Professor at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

    He is passionate about exploring the semantic foundations for intelligent lighting.

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