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    Watch the recording of the webinar and learn from Onno Willemse how Connected Lighting systems from Philips can add extraordinary new value to your buildings and businesses. Start the webinar by clicking the video player.

    In our increasingly connected world, people have access to data and communications wherever they are. Constant connectivity is transforming how people interact with information and with each other. It’s also transforming how people use and interact with light.


    With digital LED lighting, light points can now be connected to each other, to IT networks in buildings, and to comprehensive monitoring and management systems. Connected Lighting systems leverage the omnipresent nature of the lighting infrastructure to serve as a pervasive platform for data and communications indoors.


    With Connected Lighting systems, building owners and facility managers can monitor and manage a building’s occupancy patterns, its lighting systems, and other important services. By gathering information on how spaces are being used, managers can simplify business processes, optimize energy efficiency, and gain deep insight into customers’ preferences and needs. By delivering in-context information and location-based services, Connected Lighting systems can give office workers new levels of comfort, personalization, and control.

    Presented by:

    Onno Willemse
    Global Business Development Manager at Philips


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