LED Passport customer program

    in Greater China





    In the fourth quarter of 2014, with the help of consumer channel, Lighting Academy started to offer the customers who wanted to join Club Blue Partnership Program with LED Certification education and test.


    In China market we introduced the customer education program along with channel partnership program which aims to engage channel partners with high level customer service & value-added learning programs to help them grow business & transform with Philips Lighting.


    Consumer Channel whole sell sub-channel is appointed as first group to utilize this LED passport learning & test program combined with their Club Blue partnership program. On Jan 09, 2015 nearly 380 people from 100 channel partner companies throughout the country had the classroom test in several Philips branch offices at the same time. People who scored above 80% are entitled electric individual certificate issued by Mr. Stefaan van Hooydonk, Dean of Philips Lighting Academy (Global) and channel-partner companies who meet requirements set by channel would entitle a hard copy group certificate hanged on wall in their stores.



    Training classes



    What is worth mentioning is that, it’s just the beginning of our customer education program. In 2015, Lighting Academy will bring more customer service and education program to our customers.



    Classroom tests