LED Certification 


    Light up your LED knowledge


    The world of lighting is constantly evolving and energy efficient LED lighting is transforming the marketplace. For professionals in lighting it is vital to continuously acquire knowledge. Not only to stay up to date, but also to get recognized in the industry for expertise and to feel confident in discussions when advising about lighting.


    We developed a 4-level LED Certification Program for those who want to enhance their lighting knowledge. Watch the video to learn more about this advanced program and get LED certified now!


    Level 1 – LED Passport


    The Passport course is for anyone who is interested in the basics of LED lighting. You will learn what LED lighting is; where LEDs are being used and what the advantages of LED lighting are. Take the test afterwards to receive your Philips LED Passport certificate. The course takes 20 minutes and the test 15 minutes. The passing requirement is 80% or higher.


    Course                                  Test


    Level 2 – LED Associate

    This course is especially made for Sales and Marketing professionals and is open to anyone who want to go one level further. After following this course and passing the test, you will become Philips LED Associate Certified. You will have learned the basics of LED technology, lighting terminology, basics of controls and the advantages of LED technology. The course takes 1,5 hours and the test 45 minutes. The passing requirement is 80% or higher.


    Course                          LED glossary                          Test

    Level 3 – LED Professional

    This course builds upon level 2. After following this course and passing the test, you will become Philips LED Professional Certified. You will have learned about the basics of LED lighting design, LED retrofit designs and fundamentals of controls. This course exists of 6 different modules that can be followed separately. In total the courses take 4 hours and the test 1 hour. The passing requirement is 80% or higher.



    Designing with LEDs

    LED luminaires

    LED retrofit

    Control fundamentals and LED drivers

    Selling added value

    Understanding of LED technology          


     LED glossary                    Test


    Level 4 – LED Specialist

    The LED Specialist program is designed for lighting specialists and engineers and is classroom based. The course will be given by a Philips professional trainer. During this one day in depth training you will learn everything you need to know about LED lighting in a professional perspective. The Specialist course is available upon request, min. 15 participants (fee € 250 pp). Contact us for more information and possibilities to register.


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