Suspension light

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      Suspension light

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      Embrace the shape of this beautiful beige suspension light providing warm energy-saving light. It honours the beauty of contemporary spaces and its elegance suits a comfortable lifestyle. Create a nice setting and start cosy conversations. See all benefits


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    Saving in style

    design lamp

    • Saves up to 80% energy

      Saves up to 80% energy

      The big advantage of fluorescent lighting is its energy efficiency. A fluorescent lamp consumes just one fifth of the energy of a conventional lamp. That means installing Philips fluorescent lighting in your home to replace standard lamps will reduce your lighting electricity bill by around 80%!

    • Ultra-long lamp life

      Ultra-long lamp life

      Philips lamp included with an ultra-long lamp life, up to 10,000 hours.

    • Robust and reliable

      Robust and reliable

      Built to last. Every piece in the Philips lighting collection uses high quality materials and components. With this Philips lamp, you can buy a high-quality lighting fixture that lasts and lasts.

    • Diffused warm white light

      Diffused warm white light

      This light uses the latest energy-saver lamp technology by Philips to provide a flood of warm white natural light. Its diffused light will illuminate your room with warm white light, allowing you to combine functionality and respect for the environment. Diffused light is perfect for general illumination.

    • Stylish contemporary designs

      This Philips lamp has a clean, contemporary look that breaks the mould of traditionally bulky and unattractive energy-saving products. Slim and chic, each design lamp in the collection has been carefully designed as the perfect combination of form and function.

    • Soft beige

      Very natural and soft completing any cosy chic interior, beige is often compared to the colour of sand.

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