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Philips and Disney

Our story on improving kids imagination

Everyone loves a great Story and Disney have been creating them for 90 years. Philips have been creating lighting for even longer. Both Disney & Philips share a common belief, to focus on and improve well-being and happiness. By coming together we can do that for children in a unique magical way. We can help make their bedrooms become inspiring places for them to read, sleep, play and dream; with Imaginative Lighting.

A unique partnership in supporting kids imagination

As a parent you know how active and amazing a child’s imagination can be and their bedrooms are a portal to it. By combining the experience and innovation of Philips with the fantastic magical world of Disney and its rich storytelling content, Philips & Disney Imaginative Kids Lighting has the power to transform bedrooms into worlds of wonder. Kids lighting can spark imagination, make key moments more special and routines more fun. It can make story time more enchanting and absorbing. It can help your children feel safer at night, sleep better and wake brighter.

Together we can inspire amazing memories, with exciting , dynamic and interactive lighting that your whole family can trust and enjoy.

A unique range of kids lighting

There is a Philips and Disney/Marvel lighting solution to support kids imagination for every moment of you and your child’s day. The Imaginative kids Lighting allows your children to interact with their favorite Disney characters and stories in a unique and special way. Versatile SoftPals can be comforting nightlights to reassure and help them sleep soundly. And our revolutionary StoryLight, connects e-books with lighting interactively to create a magical experience. It makes reading even more fun and gives storytime a whole new dimension.

With a vast selection of lights to choose from, children can turn their bedrooms into somewhere special, where their imaginations can run free. And, now that Marvel is also part of the Disney universe, they can even swing through the streets of New York city with Marvel's Spider-Man.

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