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Get your child
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Is your child waking up too early?
SleepTime Mickey puts their sleep problems to rest


Are you a young parent? Then you probably have your eyes fixed on one distinct goal: getting your child to sleep through the night. Unfortunately, 46% of toddlers have sleep problems and decide to crawl out of bed too early. Philips is aware that bedtime routines can be tricky at the best of times. That’s why we created SleepTime Mickey: a clever sleep aid for your child that will help take the hassle out of bedtime.


Sleep problems in children

There are numerous things that can cause your child to occasionally rise early. Perhaps your child is ill, experiencing a growth spurt, still getting used to sleeping in a ‘big kid’ bed, … However, if your child is regularly waking up too early, then he or she may need help grasping the notion of time. 

Children’s notion of time

“We’ll go tomorrow,” “After sleep,” “Wait a minute,” … is hard to understand for young children. In fact, you might as well be speaking Chinese to them if they’re under the age of 4. For young children, time is a fuzzy concept. It is only around the age of 6 that children start to become truly comfortable with managing a small part of their own schedules. In other words, young children rise whenever they feel like it, simply because it is not clear to them when they can get out of bed. After all, they cannot read time yet. 

SleepTime Mickey

Although your child’s notion of time is still developing, helping your child understand when it’s OK to get out of bed doesn’t have to be difficult. All they need is a reference point at night. And SleepTime Mickey is happy to help out!



The perfect sleep aid
SleepTime Mickey is the perfect sleep aid to help your child adjust to different times of night and day:

  • Use the easy interface to set Mickey’s clock to the time you want your child to get out of bed and start the day.


  • At bedtime, the right button on Mickey’s belly lights up – showing amoon. Tell your child that when the moon is there, they need to stay in bed.


  • When it is OK to get out of bed, the left button on Mickey’s belly lights up – showing a sun.

    Not ready for bed just yet? By simply pushing on Mickey’s head, SleepTime Mickey lights up and sheds a warm white light so you can read your child a bedtime story.

Designed with safety in mind
Philips cares about your child's safety. That's why we made absolutely sure that our SleepTime Mickey night light is safe for your child to touch and play with. SleepTime Mickey is:

- durable and droop proof
- always cool to the touch thanks to LED light technology
- childproof (controls at the bottom of the lamp ensure that your child    can't accidentally change the settings)




Enjoy your extra hour of snooze time!

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