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Light up your
child's playtime
with Kid's Room lights

Our hero themed kids bedroom lighting
will stir up their imagination

As parents we know it’s important to foster our kids imaginations. However, there seems to be little room for creativity that isn’t tied to productivity. The home is about the only place where children can really live their fantasies – with the bedroom their sanctity. In fact, children don’t need much to trigger their imaginations. A simple beam of light is all it takes for them to enter a new world… At Philips we don’t just make kids bedroom lighting, we create portals to your child’s imagination.

Play Time

Who’s your kid’s favorite hero?

Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man… For children these are irresistible characters that not only come to life on the big screen but also – and perhaps even more so – in their imaginations. The bedroom is the gateway to their imagination, that infinite realm of possibilities and adventures. It’s a place where they can be themselves completely, bringing to life all their fantasies.


The importance of kids bedroom lighting

A simple beam of light on the wall or a luminaire depicting their favorite hero is the sparkle firing their imagination. That’s why we put so much effort into kids bedroom lighting – we know what a single lamp can do for a kid.

Safety first

We use child friendly materials, such as wood and non-toxic paints and sharp edges are avoided at all time. Furthermore, all our kids lamps are LEDs, which are cool to the touch, energy saving and durable.

Our kids bedroom lighting heroes collection

Does your son or daughter love the web slinging hero Spider-Man? Are they big fans of The Avengers? Our pendants and table lamps with a vivid print of Spider-Man or The Avengers bring fun and color to walls and ceilings, while the sturdy rounded design is perfectly safe for curious little hands.
And remember: no matter how much they love Spider-Man or The Avengers characters, the two greatest heroes in your child’s life are you, the parents.

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