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A new light
on kid’s bedroom

Decorative and imaginative lighting ideas for kids’ rooms


Decorating kids’ rooms is all about creating an environment that not only makes children feel safe, but actually keeps them safe too. However, finding that perfect balance between safety and the bedroom of your child’s dreams can prove to be quite a challenge. That’s why Philips created a special range of kids’ bedroom lights that are not only decorative and fun, but are also perfectly safe for children to hold and play with.


Lighting the way to the land of their dreams

Bedroom by day, magic kingdom by night! With a little help of Philips LED technology a team of tough superheroes, beautiful Disney princesses and other friendly characters illuminate your child’s room and bring stories alive, making playtime more fun and bedtime routines easy breezy.

Fun flash lights

Philips’ colorful flash lights for kids keep your child company whenever they need to venture into the dark at night. The flash lights are easy and comfortable for little hands to hold, and designed to fit perfectly in your child’s pajama pocket.
Reassuring table lights
What could be more reassuring for a child than having their favorite super hero or Disney princess watch over them during story time?
Is it a projector? Is it a night light? It’s both!

Who said bedtime stories have to be read from a book? Amaze your children and make stories more exciting with Philips’ kids' night light and story projector combined into one.

Safety first!
When it comes to your child’s safety, there is no such thing as taking it too far. At least, that’s how we feel about at it. That's why Philips' lights for kids are:
Safe under the covers with SoftPals
SoftPals are portable light friends that help your child feel safe at night, lighting up shadows and chasing monsters away with their soft and friendly glow. Safe, soft, squeezable, super cuddly and made to be carried around, SoftPals are your child’s ideal companion on the road to dreamland.

1. made of safe material

2. non-breakable

3. provided with an extra strong power cord if needed

4. always cool to the touch thanks to LED light technology

5. compliant to the most stringent safety regulations


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