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    Finding Dory

    Immerse yourself in a colourful world of light

    Finding Dory: 
    Create exciting adventures in your kid’s rooms

    Disney Findet Dorie
    Delight the kids with playful designs
    Disney Findet Dorie
    Child-friendly products
    Disney Findet Dorie
    Durable Philips LED technology 

    Is your child is a big fan of Disney / Pixar's Finding Dory?

    With the new Finding Dory lights, kids can immerse themselves in Dory’s world and experience exciting adventures.

    These lights are great to play with during the day, and if your little adventurer should wake up once during the night, they can be reassured by the soft light of the Dory SoftPal.  The will quickly drift back into dreaming about swimming with Dory, Nemo and all their friends!

    © Disney/Pixar

    Discover Dory!

    Dive with Dory and friends in their colourful underwater world

    Disney Findet Dorie
    Findet Dorie Softpal

    A new friend for day and night - the Finding Dory SoftPal


    The Finding Dory SoftPal takes your child under the fantastically blue underwater world of Dory! Your little one now has a friend through thick and thin to accompany them - not only during the day as a playmate to go on adventures with, but also at night as a protector and a sleep aid. Because with her bright eyes showing, Dory will help your child create their own imaginative dream world to help them get a restful night’s sleep. 

    Witness fairytale stories first hand


    When playing, children develop most of their social and creative thinking skills. Our Finding Dory 2-in-1 nighlight projector stimulates your child's imagination and ensures they have no trouble falling asleep, by creating a calming setting. The nightlight tells the story of Dory and her best friend Nemo’s exciting stories from their underwater wonderland. Turn on the projector and stills appear on the ceiling as if by magic, providing soothing, soft lighting.

    Disney Findet Dorie

    Well protected at night with the Projector Flashlight


    If your child should wake up during the night, there is nothing better than having a  protector by their the side, which leaves a bad dreams quickly forgotten. This is exactly what makes the 2-in-1 Projector Flashlight so great! It is both a torch as well as a projector to tell the story of Dory and her friends.  With Dory & Co. magical dreams are guaranteed. 

    Disney Findet Dorie
    © Disney/Pixar