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A child’s bedroom is the center of their universe, where they play, sleep and dream. The one place in the world where they should always feel happy, safe and secure. It’s where they are totally free to explore their imagination, to develop and grow. And light can play an essential role in creating the right environment for all of this.

Safe in the dark with a Disney bedtime buddy

Young children (and some grown ups too) are often afraid of the dark. Lying in bed at night they wonder what might be hiding under the bed, behind the door or in the closet.

You want them to feel safe and comforted when the big light goes out, and you’re not there. Having characters they know and love by their side, in the form of friendly night lights, torches or SoftPals, is the perfect way to do it.

• They give just enough light to provide comfort.

• They light their imagination at night by bringing the magic and friendship of Disney to life, keeping them safe.

• If children do wake up in the night, their Disney friend is still there to protect them.

And, to help you sleep soundly too, all Disney lights are completely safe.

SoftPals are designed to cuddle, with no sharp edges, hot surfaces or small bits that can break off. And no wires that can be torn out or holes little fingers can probe. They're also BPA free and completely non-toxic, even if chewed.
Kids Night lights switch on with the wave of a hand and torches can be kept on the bedside table (or under the pillow) for little hands to find easily, if they wake up in the dark.

Creating a magical atmosphere with Disney lighting

Simply creating the right light effect in a room can completely change the atmosphere and set the scene for magical stories. With Disney LivingColors lights your little prince or princess can conjure up a dark forest with wicked witches, lonely castles and handsome princes riding to their rescue.

Or your little aviator might create a big blue sky where he can soar past the clouds in his own jet plane. The possibilities are endless – just like imagination. And with an array of Disney's imaginative room lighting, such as pendant, wall, ceiling and table lights, your child can create light patterns and shadows on the walls to inspire imaginary adventures.

• By helping your child paint their room with light, color and their favorite Disney characters you can set the ambiance that will inspire their imagination.

• Imaginative lighting can make your child’s bedroom somewhere special where they and their friends always want to play in.

Playtime fun and fantasy with Disney Lighting

Children live in a world of make believe. Their bedroom is a playground in which they should feel inspired to play and create their own adventures. Toys help create the story, but when combined with Disney lights their make-believe world can come to life in new and exciting ways.

• A flickering can create dancing shadows and bring fairytales to life, or a be a magic lantern opening up secret passageways into a new kingdom.
• A Disney Projector can create new worlds on the ceiling, doorways to fantastic new adventures.
• A Kids Flash light can be a magic wand, a laser beam or just a way of exploring a mysterious cave under the covers.
• A Disney Night light is an instant friend and protector who comes to life and takes the darkness away.

Imaginative Disney Lighting puts your child safely in control, to wander wherever their imagination takes them – and their other toys can come too.

Storytimes with happy endings

The bedtime story is maybe the most precious moment of the day – a unique opportunity to bond with your children by sharing a story.

• It ignites their passion for reading and helps improve their reading ability.
• It encourages them to approach all sorts of things more creatively.
• Stories inspire fun ways to play in real life, helping them connect to their own world – and other fantasy ones.

Imaginative Kids bedroom Lighting can help you make this moment even more special and inspiring, by creating just the right atmosphere. And with the Disney StoryLight, the light changes as you read to bring the stories magically to life, for happy endings every time.

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