It’s more than light,
    because it’s

    more than an aquarium

    Philips CoralCare LED fixture


    The unique features of CoralCare are:

    • Wide spectral range - optimized for coral growth and natural reef appearance
    • Perfect light balance - unique homogeneous light distribution and color mixing solution

    • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient LEDs
    • Easy to control - By intelligently combining various LEDs with different wavelengths, we have simplified the set-up of the lighting controller for the user. As a result, the user only needs to select the desired color point and intensity, without having to worry about the optimal light quality for coral growth and beautification.
    • Low maintenance - long-life robust design and materials
    • Easy to install - driver integrated in fixture, hanging kit included, and computer interface

    Low maintenance

    The CoralCare fixture is based on an existing Philips luminaire used in general lighting applications. This design-award-winning fixture is currently being used in warehouses, public swimming pools and exposition halls. For use in marine aquaria, this fixture has been redesigned to such an extent that it meets all marine aquarium requirements and thus withstands the conditions of this demanding environment.


    The CoralCare LED fixture is made out of robust and highly durable professional-grade materials which we have extensively validated.

    The coating of the metal housing has been validated in a salt spray environment and approved for use above marine aquaria. With proper maintenance the risk of corrosion is nil.


    By using approximately 10kg of metal, the luminaire has a large thermal cooling surface, allowing full passive cooling, which is beneficial for the lifetime and robustness of the luminaire. Active components (fans) are the most common cause of defects, are noisy and ultimately determine the lifetime of the product.


    The CoralCare glass cover helps reduce maintenance as the salt water particles can easily be removed. A further advantage is that it does not need to be disassembled for cleaning.


    In addition, the cover has an IP65 rating, which makes the fixture water-resistant. It can also be cleaned with a wet cloth.


    By having a light formula with a large amount of short wavelength light we could be faced with the risk of rapid material degradation. Validated lifetime tests, however, have shown that the materials used withstand our light recipe and meet the lifetime specification.

    Levensduurtest van thermische opwarm/afkoel cycles

    Fig. 1: Power cycle lifetime test
    Versnelde levensduur test

    Fig. 2: Accelerated lifetime test

    The CoralCare LEDs are placed on a so-called MetalCore PCB. Because of the high diversity of LEDs placed on this PCB, soldering the PCB is quite challenging and affects reliability and failure rate. For CoralCare, extensive testing such as thermal shock was carried out in order to guarantee lifetime reliability.


    LEDs from our key supplier Lumileds are used in the CoralCare fixture. These are very durable, high-quality, long-lasting and highly efficient LEDs.


    From a thermal point of view the stress to the LEDs is limited.


    Via model analysis and reliability tests we can predict that the CoralCare fixture meets L80B10 (ambient temperature of 35oC and lifetime of 25K hours), which is a standard lighting norm. This means that after the lifetime of 25K hours (about 7 years), at its specified ambient temperature point of 35oC, 90% of all fixtures still give an output of more than 80% of their original lumen output. By comparison, with traditional T5 lighting this point occurs after 6 to 9 months. No light source has to be replaced during the entire lifetime of the luminaire.



    When changing the installation conditions (dimming, lower/higher ambient temperature), lifetime results are affected in a positive (dimming) or negative (higher ambient temperature) way.


    In addition, all required regulations such as CE and IEC have been checked by Philips and validated by external agencies.

    Easy to install

    The CoralCare fixture includes a hanging kit for easy installation. The hanging kit can be attached to the luminaire using four adjustable hooks, which can easily be clicked onto it.


    The height of the luminaire above the aquarium can be adapted by using an adjustable cable, making it also easy to take off.


    The CoralCare fixture contains two mains AC/DC LED drivers, so-called Philips Xitanium iXt drivers, which are highly reliable and efficient components. Two dedicated 3-meter cables, a mains cable and a communication cable are directly attached to the fixture.



    In systems where the driver is not integrated, additional cables and space below or next to the aquarium are required. The Philips LED fixture is a single-box system,

    allowing easier and quicker installation.


    Philips CoralCare supports a standby mode which makes a mains switching timer redundant. Standby mode can be enabled via the CoralCare controller (scheduler and 0-10V interface).


    Details about the controlling functionality are highlighted on the CoralCare webpage (Easy to control)

    Installatie CoralCare fixture

    Fig. 3: Easy installation with hooks
    Optische meetbol

    Fig. 4: The optical measurement sphere at Philips, used to determine the wall-plug efficiency of both light sources. Only the CoralCare LED unit is shown here. During measurements the sphere is completely closed to measure all light emitted by the source.

    Low energy consumption

    Thanks to the use of highly efficient LEDs, the CoralCare fixture can save up to 30% or more energy compared with traditional T5 marine aquarium lighting, without any loss of light quality.


    We have proved, together with an independent marine biologist, Tim Wijgerde, that with the CoralCare LED fixture coral growth and appearance meet and at some points exceed standard traditional lighting in the marine aquarium market.


    With integrating sphere measurements CoralCare has a wall-plug efficiency of 31.9%. This means that 31.9% of the input power (about 190W) is being converted to optical power. As a reference, At its most efficient (= at initial lifetime cycle), T5 with the same color point only converts 24%.


    The CoralCare optical system was designed in such a way that it has very limited efficacy losses thanks to the highly reflective materials and smart design.