It’s more than light,
    because it’s

    more than an aquarium

    Philips CoralCare LED fixture


    The unique features of CoralCare are:

    • Wide spectral range - optimized for coral growth and natural reef appearance
    • Perfect light balance - unique homogeneous light distribution and color mixing solution

    • Low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient LEDs
    • Easy to control - By intelligently combining various LEDs with different wavelengths, we have simplified the set-up of the lighting controller for the user. As a result, the user only needs to select the desired color point and intensity, without having to worry about the optimal light quality for coral growth and beautification.
    • Low maintenance - long-life robust design and materials
    • Easy to install - driver integrated in fixture, hanging kit included, and computer interface

    Easy to control


    A controller is required to control and dim CoralCare fixtures. The controller is sold separately and includes a USB cable, universal power adapter and regional plug adapters. The USB cable is used for connecting the controller to the PC for programming and supplying power (in combination with the power adapter) when the controller is working as a stand-alone unit.


    The controller can control up to 4 CoralCare fixtures.

    CoralCare controller for LED aquarium lighting

    Fig. 1 The CoralCare controller


    The controller supports two modes:
    “Scheduling mode” and “0-10V mode”

    Fig. 2: The CoralCare PC software application

    Scheduling mode

    In scheduling mode the reefer can define a 24h light schedule that can be programmed using a PC application. The user is able to set 20 light settings (color point and intensity) and the controller will automatically calculate a smooth transition between the various light settings. This makes possible fluent sunset and sunrise sceneries.

    Fig. 3: Setup of color point. Time, color temperature and light intensity can be set

    The software is user-friendly and can be downloaded from the Philips CoralCare website.


    One of the unique features of the CoralCare software is that the aquarist does not have to worry about the settings of each individual LED channel. You only need to define the color tone and intensity. This drastically simplifies the definition of the light schedule. It also means that you do not have to worry about the “correct” light spectrum. In the background Philips has introduced spectral boundaries to prevent incorrect spectral content from being selected, which could harm the health of the coral.
    But the software still includes enough flexibility to allow the light settings to be customized to your own taste.


    Within the color range we provide excellent color rendering of natural tones as well as fluorescent rendering during bluish “evening” tones.

    coralcare night time
    Enhances phosphorous effects of corals
    Natural look of corals and fish
    coralcare day time
    Fig. 4: Two examples of color tones that are commonly used
    The 24-hour light schedule can be saved in a separate text file so it can be shared with your fellow reefers. It also includes a setting recommended by Philips that can be loaded by pressing “load default settings” in the CoralCare application.

    Fig. 5: Connecting 0-10V interface

    0-10V mode

    The CoralCare controller can easily be programmed via a Windows PC, but is also compatible with most 0-10V aquarium controller interfaces.


    The controller can be set to a 0-10V mode, meaning that it will no longer react to the programmed schedule, but to the two 0-10V input channels on the CoralCare controller. By applying the correct voltages to these input pins, the CoralCare controller can be directly controlled by a 3rd party interface. This can come from an aquarium computer or any other 0‑10V interface compatible devices such as Profilux and Apex (proven by user tests).

    Task lighting

    The CoralCare controller includes a button that can be pressed to trigger a predefined task lighting event. Task lighting can be used to quickly override the standard light schedule. As an example: It is a handy option for quickly checking your reef inhabitants during the night. Pressing the button will load a light setting, and pressing it again will switch the setting back to its previous state. It can also be used in combination with a predefined time. When the button is pressed, a defined light setting can be loaded for 1-59 minutes. After this time, the controller will revert to its previous setting. The 1-59 timer can always be overridden by pressing the button again (thereby loading the previous settings).

    Power backup

    When the power supply to the controller is interrupted, the time schedule will be retained for a maximum of 48 hours. If the supply is not connected within this period, the user will need to reprogram the controller.

    The controller supports daylight saving time so it will keep running correctly in all regions throughout the year.

    Fig. 6: 48-hour settings backup after power interruption

    Demo and live mode

    The CoralCare interface and controller support a demo and live mode. When the controller is connected to the PC the live mode can be activated. Each setting stored in the user interface can be transferred directly to CoralCare fixtures to see how it would look in your reef tank.It is not mandatory to program the controller with all fixtures connected.


    In demo mode you can start a procedure whereby the 24h schedule is shortened to a 2min demonstration. During this demonstration the light schedule will be sent to the fixture.