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    for Warrington residents

    Warrington lighting upgrade,
    Warrington, UK


    See how Warrington rolled out the Philips Starsense system to improve its street lighting for residents and meet its carbon emission reduction commitments.

    Warrington, UK

    This enhanced ability to control the lighting

    will enable us to vary light levels in line with how busy the roads are while maintaining appropriate levels of illumination at all times."


    -  Barry Hughes, Street Lighting Team Leader, Warrington Borough Council

    Warrington, UK
    Warrington, UK

    Customer Challenge


    Warrington Borough Council needed to upgrade its ageing street lighting asset to provide a better environment for its residents, as well reduce energy and maintenance costs. In addition, the council wanted to follow through on its strong commitment to takle climate change and was seeking the right solution to achieve these objectives.

    Warrington, UK

    The right lighting


    The three-year lighting upgrade programme, due for completion in 2017, will involve replacement of around 18,000 lighting columns and lanterns, replacing the existing sodium light sources with LED. All of the new street lighting will be connected to a Philips Starsense central telemanagement system.

    The early phases of the programme are focusing on residential areas and will be rolled out to traffic routes as the project progresses. The Philips Mini Luma lantern is being used in residential areas, with Luma 1 lanterns providing the required illumination levels for traffic routes. Both lanterns feature advanced optics to ensure precise light distribution with minimum glare and no upward light, thereby minimising light pollution.

    Connecting the new luminaires to the Starsense central management system will enable monitoring, control, metering and diagnosis of each individual luminaire. The current lighting upgrade programme follows an earlier Salix-funded ‘Invest to Save’ project in 2010. This saw lighting in a number of streets in Orford upgraded to LED using Philips SpeedStar and Mini Iridium lanterns, as well as a Starsense central management system. The project delivered energy savings of around 60% based on reducing the installed electrical load, which were further improved through the use of the telemanagement system.

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    Enhanced lighting
    for Warrington residents

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