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    County Council

    Lighting Somerset
    County Council, UK


    See how Philips upgraded Somerset Council's road lighting

    Lighting Somerset County Council

    Somerset is
    very pleased

    with this new equipment as it reduces energy and enhances safety.”


    - Harvey Siggs, Councillor Somerset Council

    Lighting Somerset County Council

    Customer challenge


    With the aim of tackling rising energy prices and reducing carbon emissions Somerset Council reviewed its existing street lighting. Road safety was of paramount importance, with maintaining existing light levels a key requirement.

    Lighting Somerset County Council

    The right lighting 


    Initially two pilot projects were identified to trial Philips proven white light solution, an HID lamp; the CosmoPolis CPO-TT Xtra (GES capped base). The first area identified was the A38 dual carriageway, “Tone way”, a key route into Taunton from the M5. The second pilot took place along ‘Silk Mills’, a trunk road in Taunton itself. In both of these trials, 150W high pressure sodium electromagnetic systems were replaced with Philips 90W CosmoPolis lamps, controlled with the Philips programmable multi step electronic driver with a dimmed programmed profile of 50% between 12:00am to 05:30am. CosmoPolis’s easy installation into the SON luminaire platform allowed for a simple switch from the existing outdated technology, using the same lamp base holder and optic.


    CosmoPolis lamps deliver extremely efficient white light and have a long lifetime providing significant energy savings, without compromising on light quality.

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