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    Southern Health NHS
    Foundation Trust

    Lighting Southern Health NHS
    Hampshire, UK


    See how the Southern Health NHS has made extensive use of Philips LED lighting

    Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

    The LED trial received
    a very positive

    response, improving security on site with staff and visitors.” John Horne,Engineering Estate Officer


    - John Horne,Engineering Estate Officer

    Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

    Customer challenge


    The Trust had a target to reduce its energy consumption by 10% by April 2014 and recognised that there was significant potential for improved energy efficiency by upgrading car park lighting across its estate.

    Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

    The right lighting 


    The first site to be upgraded was Melbury Lodge in Winchester, a remote facility surrounded by woodland, where comments had been received with regard to safety. Here, the original exterior lighting was provided by a range of light sources including compact fluorescent, sodium and mercury. These have now been replaced with Philips Stela LED lanterns throughout the car park area.

    John Horne, Engineering Estate Officer, recalled; “The main area of complaint was the low level of illumination in the carpark, in particular issues around light pollution and poor lighting uniformity resulting in dark spots.These issues were present acros sall four sites of the estate. The LED trial received a very positive response, improving security on site and Light levels have now increased and there has been an approximately 70% saving onenergy costs. The collaboration between the design team and the in-house installation team also resulted in additional cost savings.”

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