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    Hicks Gate


    Lighting Hicks Gate



    See how Hicks Gate Roundabout has been transformed with new lighting.

    Hicks Gate Roundabout

    SpeedStar was at the core of a
    Philips lighting scheme

    that improved the experience of road users at the Hicks Gate roundabout."


    - Bath and North East Somerset Council

    Bath and North East Somerset Council

    Customer challenge

    Bath and North East Somerset Council planned to improve road safety, traffic congestion, and the movement of public transport at Hicks Gate roundabout in Keynsham.
    Bath and North East Somerset Council

    The right lighting


    Philips’ introduced SpeedStar, incorporating LEDGINE. The modular concept of LEDGINE within SpeedStar gives it complete flexibility to light a scheme to the exact requirement thereby maximising energy savings. This is especially useful when using existing spacings, as there is no need to over light, which sometimes is the case with step changes in HID lamp wattages.


    LEDGINE has a range of five patented optics to give different lighting distributions. Using the SpeedStar LED choice and lightingdistributions, an optimum solution was found whereby the same luminaire can be used for the road and for the roundabout, but with different optics. The SpeedStar luminaire also included integral Dynadimmer, a pre-programmed ‘fit and forget’ multi level dimming module to further enhance the energy saving potential of the new lighting system, creating energy savings of 58% against the old SON scheme.



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