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    Gloucestershire County


    Gloucestershire, County Council,  United Kingdom


    See how Philips installed plug and play street lighting for Gloucestershire Council.

    Lighting Gloucestershire County Council

    The good thing
    about the

    CityTouch connect application (app) is that a 10 year service plan is included in the price of the lantern”


    - Street Lighting Manager Ken Pitt

    Lighting Gloucestershire County Council

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    In support of its policy of reducing costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions Gloucestershire County Council has been engaged in upgrading its street lighting in a phased roll-out programme.

    Lighting Gloucestershire County Council

    The right lighting 


    The project involved replacing a mix of high and low pressure sodium lighting with Philips Iridium gen3 LED lanterns on a point-for-point basis. Each Iridium lantern is fitted with a wide street optic and delivers a 3000 lumen output with a 4000K neutral white colour temperature.


    As standard, Iridium gen3 lanterns incorporate a communication module. This uses the public mobile network to connect directly to the CityTouch connect application (app) ‘out of the box’ as soon as the lantern is connected to the power supply, so that no further control commissioning is required. The seamless connection means no own maintenance effort is required. The reduction in installed electrical load will reduce the street lighting energy consumption in these areas by at least 50% and there will be additional savings through enhanced control. As well as providing dimming capabilities, the CityTouch connect application (app) provides interactive remote management, with information about each individual luminaire and precise energy metering.


    "The other good thing about the CityTouch connect application (app) is that a 10 year service plan is included in the price of the lantern so there are no ongoing revenue costs. At a time when public spending is under pressure this makes budget management much easier for local authorities," Ken Pitt added.

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