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    Dynamic lighting helps
    rejuvenate Sunderland city centre

    Lighting Keel Square, 


    See how Philips helped to transform a new public space in Sunderland’s city centre with bespoke lighting columns and a dynamic lighting system, animating the space and enhancing the night-time atmosphere.

    Sunderland City Centre

    We developed a

    to provide striking statements whilst providing flexibility to cater for different events and themes.

    James Gordon, Senior Landscape Architect

    Sunderland City Centre
    Sunderland City Centre

    Customer Challenge


    As part of a broad project to transform the city centre, the city of Sunderland wanted to create a new, high quality public space that would encourage a broad range of activities and social interactions, using illumination to enhance architectural features, animate spaces and improve the night-time atmosphere.

    Sunderland City Centre

    The right lighting


    Meeting the challenging design criteria required a bespoke approach that would make the lighting integral as a sculptural feature of the square, whilst also fulfilling its functional role. The solution combines the latest lighting technologies with bespoke structures, designed by Philips in conjunction with project partners, and advanced controls to deliver a versatile system that fully meets Sunderland Council’s requirements.

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