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    ExCeL London
    Car Park


    Lighting the ExCeL London

    Car Park


    See how Philips Lighting has enabled ExCeL London to deliver 84% energy savings.

    ExCeL London Car Park

    Upgrading the car park

    would deliver a payback within 1.5 years through energy savings." 


    - Brian Cole, Operations Director, ExCeL

    ExCeL London Car Park
    ExCeL London Car Park

    Customer Challenge

    Following the success of an earlier project to upgrade lighting in the halls to Philips GentleSpace high bay LED luminaires, ExCeL saw an opportunity to achieve further energy and carbon savings by upgrading to LED lighting in the car parks.
    ExCeL London Car Park

    The right lighting 


    The existing lighting has now been replaced with LED lighting throughout, using 1,141 Philips Pacific LED fittings. As well as providing energy efficient performance with a high lumen output, the Pacific LED fittings have excellent glare control to ensure good visibility for drivers.


    Most of the Pacific LED fittings are connected to occupancy sensors via a wireless control network, the exceptions being in areas where the lighting will not be dimmed, such as under walkways. The use of a wireless control network has avoided the need to run control cabling throughout the car parks, reducing both the time and cost of installation. The LED Green Parking System uses the ZigBee wireless communication protocol that operates withlow power devices yet is able to transmit data over long distances.


    The new zoned system uses a network of 225 occupancy sensors to dim lighting to 10% of full output in unoccupied zones, ramping up to 100% when a person enters the zone.

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