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    A conference room that

    gets people talking


    Crédit Agricole, Caen, France


    Discover how this retail banking group is creating a glowing reputation with conference room lighting.

    Luminous textile Crédit Agricole

    We wanted this room to
    affect the

    mood, to be delightful and to be remembered, and also to create some sort of attraction. And secondly, for renting out, these panels enable personalization of the room, which benefits the people that we are expecting to host. Luminous textile is the icing on the cake, the masterpiece in this building."
    Overview of the conference room decorated with Philips luminous textile panels
    Colourful patterns displayed at the luminous textile panels at Crédit Agricole, France

    Customer challenge


    Crédit Agricole, the largest retail bank in France, wanted to show that money isn’t the only thing that’s green. Repositioning itself as a local bank at the forefront of innovation that cares about conservation, the company sought an eco-friendly theme for its new conference room.

    Colourful patterns displayed at the luminous textile panels at Crédit Agricole, France

    The right lighting

    The new Dragon Bridge is helping Da Nang wing its way to prosperity, enabling easy movement between the city airport and other import locales. Extensive lighting was needed in order to brightly illuminate the dragon and maintain clear vision for motorists. However, measuring 666 meters long with six lanes, the large amount of fixtures needed could have potentially been a huge energy drain for the city.

    LED technology was the answer. The versatile positioning of ColorBurst PowerCore and powerful floodlighting of ColorBurst Reach now illuminate the dragon with dramatic effect. The form of the sculpture has been adorned with an inspiring interplay of light and shade, which is visible from miles away. Additionally, Vaya Linear lights were installed along the sides of the bridge, adding eye-catching sparkle.

    On top of these aesthetic achievements, the council’s sustainability goals were achieved. The long-lasting lifetime of the fixtures and low energy consumption mean the city will spend less on maintenance than they would with traditional lighting. The flexible controls also mean that colors can be changed easily for holidays and festivals, adding even more value to the structure.

    The eyecatching design of this lighting solution clearly postions the Dragon Bridge as a gateway for Vietnam and the rest of the world to the city of Da Nang.

    Luminous Textile

    Walls that glow bright with color and light

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