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    Showing masterpieces
    in a new light

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Nearly 750,000 Philips LEDs shine throughout the Rijksmuseum, enhancing visitor experiences while preserving the historic artwork.
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    The choice of
    LED lighting

    was chosen due to its exceptionally high quality – the color temperature of the lighting is a near-approximation of the daylight in which the artworks were created. Additionally, LED lighting provides extremely precise clarity for the artwork’s visual contrasts and relief.


    - Tim Zeedijk, Head of Exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum.

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    Customer Challenge


    The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam recently underwent completely a total renovation that took nearly 10 years. The lighting was a key element in the historic, innovative renovation process. With 80 galleries showcasing 8,000 artworks, a tailor-made lighting solution was crucial.

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    The right lighting


    The Rijksmuseum collection encompasses artistic masterpieces dating back to the Middle Ages. To highlight the artist’s true work- including color appearance, contrast, and relief - each and every piece of art demandedsophisticated lighting. Philips signed on to supply this extremely challenging lighting solution, which involved nearly 750,000 LEDs. That includes 3,800 LED spotlights, over 1.8 kilometers of LED lighting in the ceilings, and an advanced LED lighting control that can be operated by museum staff using a remote application.


    Besides illuminating the art collections, LEDs have been used in many other parts of the museum. For instance, all the souvenirs in the museum store have been spotlighted, and the building is illuminated from the outside as well. Huge chandeliers with integrated LED lighting have been installed in several of the larger galleries. From the gigantic Night Watch to Petronella Oortmans’ dollhouse, Philips casts fresh light on the Rijksmuseum.

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