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    Providing the perfect
    lighting blend for Nestle  

    Lighting the Nestle Factory
    in Tutbury


    See how Philips provided the perfect lighting blend for coffee production at Nestle.
    Nestle Factory Case Study

    Philips worked
    really well with us.

    They saw what we needed and put a robust management structure in place to support the project."


    - Pat Walsh, Engineering Manager, Nestlé

    Nestle Factory Case Study
    Nestle Factory Case Study

    Customer challenge

    Sustainability is a key driver for Nestlé group so the new Tutbury facility features a wide range of innovations to minimise carbon emissions and environmental impact. A key element of the design brief was that LED lighting should be used throughout.
    Nestle Factory Case Study

    The right lighting


    Nestlé’s new state-of-the-art coffee production facility at Tutbury, Burton-on-Trent, is the most energy-efficient freeze-dried coffee processing factory in the company’s portfolio and uses Philips LED lighting throughout its six buildings.


    A total of 2,300 Philips LED fittings have been installed in the six buildings that make up the facility, taking advantage of the wide range in the Philips product portfolio to meet the precise lighting requirements of each space.


    “Once we had determined that all of the lighting would be LED, the Nestlé Electrical Team specified that Philips LED luminaires should be used,” recalled Nestlé Engineering Manager Pat Walsh.


    “We then worked closely with Philips to identify which luminaires would be used in which areas. This was Nestlé’s first all-LED factory and we are now looking at opportunities for introducing LED lighting both to upgrade existing facilities and for future new build projects,” he concluded.

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    Lighting the coffee factory
    at Nestle, UK

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