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    Apex Car Rental

    Apex Car

    Cutting costs and carbon for Apex Car Rental.
    Apex Car Rental Case Study

    The new

    is much cleaner, crisper and it also helps with the inspection of returned cars."
    Apex Car Rental Case Study
    Apex Car Rental Case Study

    Customer challenge


    Apex Car Rental selected a range of Philips LED luminaires to replace existing metal halide and fluorescent lighting. They have hire fleet of over 3,000 vehicles at its head office in Eastbourne and recently acquired Brooklands, near Weybridge.

    Apex Car Rental Case Study

    The right lighting 


    Philips worked closely with Apex to identify the most cost-effective solutions using LED light sources for exterior lighting as well as in the offices, workshops, spray booth, valet area and petrol station.

    The chosen solution uses seven different LED luminaires and has reduced lighting energy consumption by 96,000kWh per annum, equivalent to at least £10,000 a year. It has also reduced carbon emissions by 67%. In addition, annual maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps are predicted to reduce by £1,720 per annum. The exterior 37 x 400W metal halide floodlights were replaced with 132W Vaya LED floodlights.

    Similarly, LED high bay Gondola bulkheads, Pacific surface mounted fittings and small floodlights have been sighted strategically in workshops etc. to optimise light distribution while reducing the installed electrical load. 25 twin fluorescent fittings have been replaced with just four Mini 300 LED 132W floodlights in the petrol station.

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