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    8 Northumberland 

    8 Northumberland Avenue, London


    Transforming London’s most central venue.


    8 Northumberland Road

    The ability
    to interact

    with the lighting through this playful technology has proved very popular."


    - Director Charles Boyd

    8 Northumberland Road

    Customer Challenge

    Philips LED luminaires, combined with a versatile control system, have transformed hospitality spaces at 8 Northumberland Avenue, while also reducing energy consumption and life cycle costs.
    8 Northumberland Road

    The right lighting 


    Sustainability has been a key element of the venue’s restoration, with emphasis on reducing environmental impact in every area of activity. Lighting energy consumption is reduced through the use of low energy light sources. This includes the use of high efficiency, colour-changing LED lighting in the Old Billiard Room in the basement and the Ballroom on the ground floor.

    These lighting systems are controlled through an amBX system, accessed via an iPad, which enables customers and staff to vary the colour and intensity of the lighting to suit different events. 8 Northumberland Avenue was the first venue in Europe to use the amBX light system.

    Director Charles Boyd commented “Based on this success we proceeded with upgrading the lighting in the Ballroom; the results have been fantastic. Bookings were up by 72% in the first quarter after the Ballroom lighting was commissioned and I have no doubt the lighting has made a significant contribution."

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    8 Northumberland Road

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