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    Spire Hospital

    Lighting Spire Hospital
    in Leicester

    See how Philips created a healthier energy performance for Spire Leicester Hospital 
    Spire Hospital Case Study

    upgrading the lighting to LED showed the biggest predicted ROI"


    - Nigel Sharp, Director of Estates and Engineering, Spire Healthcare

    Spire Hospital Case Study
    Spire Hospital Case Study

    Customer challenge


    Spire Healthcare has 39 hospitals and is seeking to minimise its carbon footprint and environmental impact as part of a broad-ranging CSR policy. As part of this, environmental performance is monitored and lighting identified as a key area for change

    Spire Hospital Case Study

    The right lighting

    Philips helped organise a pilot at Spire Leicester Hospital in Oadby, focusing on areas where the lighting was used for the longest periods of time and installing metering equipment to independently measure the energy savings. In corridors, the reception area and main offices the existing fluorescent lighting has been replaced by a number of different LED luminaires on a point-for-point basis.

    The project took full advantage of Philips’ ability to provide a total solution, which encompassed a site survey, lighting design, installation services, measurement of energy consumption and validation of savings. Other CoreLine products were used, including the Recessed panels in corridors, Recessed office-compliant versions in offices, Waterproof in plant rooms, Wall-mounted in stairwells and Downlights in reception.

    In addition, some of the existing wall lights were replaced with Recessed panels to improve light distribution and, because of their recessed design, also facilitate cleaning.
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      CoreView Panel
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