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    Lighting the Royal United
    Hospital Bath

    Royal United Hospital Bath NHS,
    Bath, United Kingdom


    See how Philips transformed the lighting for the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

    Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

    The project 
    has been

    transformational in changing the way people perceive the hospital"


    - Andy House, Head of Estates, RUHB NHS Trust

    Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust
    Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

    Customer challenge


    The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust occupies a 52-acre site and employs around 4,800 staff, providing acute treatment and care for almost 500,000 people in Bath and North East Somerset, and parts of Wiltshire and Somerset.

    Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

    The right lighting 


    In most areas the fittings were replaced on a point-for-point basis, though wherever possible the opportunity was taken to reduce the total number of fittings.Philips GreenSpace IP44-rated downlights were used extensively in the project, utilising different light outputs to meet specific lighting requirements. The 1,100 lumen version has replaced surface-mounted 2D fixtures, as well as 1 x 18W, 1 x 26W and 2 x 18W compact fluorescent downlights. The 2,000 lumen version of the GreenSpace proved an ideal alternative to 2 x 26W fluorescent downlighters, while single and twin T8 fluorescent fittings in internal corridors were replaced with the 200 lumen GreenSpace. In addition, PowerBalance luminaires have been used in offices, examination rooms, consultation rooms and interview rooms, with CoreView luminaires installed in wards that previously had surface-mounted T8 luminaires. Occuswitch DALI Advanced sensors to dim the lighting when areas are unoccupied.

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