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    harvesting quality

    Kwekerij Wim Peters

    The Netherlands


    Wim Peters is a prime grower of plum tomatoes. However, in the winter, it was previously impossible for him to grow tomatoes. Instead, he had to import lesser quality product from Spain. Could LED greenhouse lights help him grow quality crops all year round?


    At Wim Peters, a man shows a bounty of healthy tomatoes, which grow by the light of Philips HPS grow lights

    We were working
    on the basis of

    a saving on energy costs of approximately 1 euro per m2, now that we have been using the system for a few months we are delighted to find that the savings are going to be even greater.”

    - Wim Peters, tomato grower

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    The right lighting


    The right greenhouse environment could help Wim Peters grow premium tomatoes even in winter. Working in close consultation with Philips, he installed a combination of HPS lighting with Philips GreenPower 600 W lamps and Philips GreenPower LED interlighting. The HPS lighting provides heat and light, and the LED modules provide optimal interlighting for efficient growth. “The hybrid system offers a perfect combination, giving us maximum control to create the best possible conditions for the plants” says Wim Peters.


    The yield from the LED lights exceeded all expectations. Not only was the quality and volume of plum tomatoes higher, but they could also be harvested earlier than was expected. The results of the new system mean it is possible for Wim Peters to supply top-quality plum tomatoes from his own greenhouses, all year round.


    Thanks to the LED interlighting, the system delivers a good 10% more available grow light to the plant. This grow light is distributed over the entire length of the plant, and as a result, the leaves in the center and at the bottom of the plant are able to grow more.


    Wim Peters originally aimed for the energy costs to be reduced to one euro per m2 through the LED greenhouse lights. After using the system for a few months, he is delighted to find that the savings are going to be even greater.

    Philips GreenPower LED interlighting module

    The interlighting module is a bi-directional lighting module for interlighting in between tall plants e.g. tomatoes.

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    the growing environment

    The Team

    Kwekerij Wim Peters


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