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    Better growth
    all year round

    Kwekerij Vreugdenberg The Netherlands


    Find out how Kwekerij Vreugdenberg is using floriculture lighting to grow high-quality plants all year long
    Plants at Kwekerij Vreugdenberg, the Netherlands, use Philips LED grow lights to ensure healthy growth

    The LED modules
    enable me to

    grow kalanchoes of consistent quality all year round”

    - Aad Vreugdenhil, Kwekerij Vreugdenberg  

    Philips horticultural lighting provides year-long healthy growth for plants at Kwekerij Vreugdenberg, the Netherlands

    Customer challenge


    Kwekerij Vreugdenberg has innovation in its DNA. As a grower of tropical plants, it is always on the lookout for ways to improve production using technology. Teaming up with substrate supplier BVB Substrates, the company wanted to find out what combination of substrate, fertilizer and light makes for optimal control of plant growth. It was time to put LED to the test.
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    The right lighting


    The objective of the tests was simple: find out what conditions would yield the fastest production with the most consistent quality. To investigate this, plant growth under LED light was compared with plant growth under daylight cultivation conditions.

    LED came out on top. The plants under our ground-breaking GreenPower LED production modules responded more quickly and efficiently to the light. The study has enabled Kwekerij Vreugdenberg to find the optimum conditions for growing flowers, which will enable it to maintain consistent production even in the winter months.

    Going even further, Philips has now incorporated the lighting requirements for kalanchoe growth into a customized LED grow light for Kwekerij Vreugdenberg. Aad Vreugdenhil, the company’s owner, is now looking to trial the modules in multi-layer cultivation. “I am currently using 7300 m2 for young plant cultivation and that could then be reduced by half, resulting in higher sales and lower energy consumption”, said Aad. Vreugdenhil, owner of Kwekerij Vreugdenberg


    “I’m very encouraged by the fact that Philips and BVB Substrates are continuing the partnership with more tests in that area. For me that’s a sign that they have the vision to invest in innovations that strengthen our industry.”

    - Aad Vreugdenhil, owner of Kwekerij Vreugdenberg

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    A new world
    of growth

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    Kwekerij Vreugdenberg


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