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    salad color

    Virolan Puutarha Kangasala, Finland


    Find out how LED greenhouse lighting is improving crop quality at Virolan Puutarha.

    Virolan Puutarha lit up with Philips Lighting

    Philips understands
    our business

    and delivers quality LEDs like no other supplier.”

    - Timo Oksanen, Virolan Puutarha



     A man shows the Philips greenhouse which improve crop quality at Virolan Puutarha

    Customer challenge


    Virolan Puutarha is a forward thinking salad grower. The Finish company has a 12,000 m2 greenhouse that utilizes the latest growing technology. Could LED greenhouse lights help it to become more cost and energy-efficient by enabling multi-layer production?

    Philips' multi-layer lighting system at Virolan Puutarha greenhouse

    The right lighting 


    Virolan Puutarha has had its eye on LED technology for a while now. In fact, it conducted its own experiments with LED as far back as 1993. “For a long time things were quiet on the LED front, but half a dozen years ago, blue LED was invented,” said Timo Oksanen. “Since then, progress has been steady. Philips understands our business and delivers quality LEDs like no other supplier. Now is the time for better results.”


    The first 500 Philips GreenPower LED production modules were delivered to Virolan Puutarha and installed in the spring of 2010. The fixtures were installed with an optimized light recipe based on a dedicated ration of blue and red LEDs.


    The new lights have enabled Virolan Puutarha to create an effective multi-layer growth system. The middle and lower layers are supplemented by the optimized light spectrum of the LED grow lights. These layers maintain the same growth rate as they would under HFS lighting, and they have led to a discernible improvement in the color of red-leafed salads. Since the initial installation, Virolan Puutarha has installed 1000 more modules, with a further 1000 to follow later in 2012.


    Using LED greenhouse lighting has helped Virolan Puutarha to become more energy-efficient. The GreenPower LED uses less than half of the energy of traditional HFS lighting, while maintaining the same growth rate.

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