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    Ter Laak Orchids
    The Netherlands


    Ter Laak Orchids are veterans of horticulture. Owned by brothers Eduard and Richard ter Laak, the company has been cultivating orchids since 1980. It now produces 4 million Phalaenopsis plants every year. Could LED light help it to grow plants consistently in the darker months?
    Ter Laak Orchids uses Philips floriculture lighting

    The most
    important thing for us

    is that at the end of the project we have a marketable plant. And thanks to the close supervision, everything is perfectly recorded so that we know how we cultivated the plant”


    - Richard Dressen, Cultivation Manager, Ter Laak Orchids

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    The right lighting


    The Ter Laak brothers wanted to find out whether LED toplighting would help them to achieve consistent plant growth during the darker months. Philips GreenPower toplighting were developed specifically for this purpose. Their low heat emission and horticulture-optimised light spectrum can be adjusted to create the right atmosphere for healthy plant growth.


    It was time to put LED to the test. Over a period of 20 weeks, plant induction and blooming is being tested in two separate compartments. One has a lighting level of 250 μmol/s/m2 from LED toplighting, and the other has 250 μmol/s/m2 from HPS lighting. The two compartments cover a 180 m2 area containing 3,900 Phalaenopsis plants. The project involves five species from different suppliers.


    If the plants grow well in the LED only compartment, it will open the door to new growing possibilities for Ter Laak Orchids. At the time of writing, the study is still underway. However, it is expected that the study will confirm benefits such as improved climate control, and enhanced growth and photosynthesis. In addition, the LED modules provide energy savings and project uniform light with no heat-up time.


    LED toplighting modules can offer light levels typically ranging from 40-300 μmol/m2/s in a highly efficient way.

    Philips GreenPower LED toplighting

    Philips is introducing an LED-based toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, easy to install and no need for water cooling systems.

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    The team

    Ter Laak Orchids


    Arend Sosef

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