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    Fruit that’s fit for

    a king

    Alain Lutz
    Melsele, Belgium

    Alain Lutz is an innovative strawberry grower. The computer-controlled climate in his greenhouse produces high-quality strawberries that he has presented to the King of Belgium three years running. Could LED greenhouse lighting be a suitable replacement for his outdated incandescent lamps
    Alain Lutz shows off his strawberries, which use Philips greenhouse lighting to aid in their growth

    “The LEDs markedly improved stem elongation, 

    a higher level of early production and a low number of malformed fruits.”

    - Alain Lutz

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    The right lighting 

    With 10,000 m2 worth of strawberries growing in his greenhouse, Alain Lutz needed to make sure he had the right lighting. Incandescent lights are now being phased out within the industry, so LED was the obvious choice for a replacement.


    Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamps were installed across the site. Lutz chose an LED flowering lamp with a spectrum made of deep red, white and far red. This spectrum not only produces the desired stem elongation, but it also makes it possible to achieve a higher yield of strawberries with a low percentage of malformed fruit.


    The LED lights a robust and reliable replacement for the incandescent lights, and they are saving Lutz money too. Their energy efficient performance means that they use significantly less energy than the previous setup, and the long lifecycle of LED means the bulbs won’t need replacing for a long time. Lutz is delighted with the new solution: “The higher purchase price of the LEDs is compensated for by the improved results and the lower energy consumption.”


    The new LED greenhouse lighting provides energy savings of 82-85% compared to incandescent lights. And, with a bit of luck, Philips will have played a part in supplying strawberries to the Belgian royal family.


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