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    orchid growth

    Peerdeman Orchideeën

    The Netherlands


    Find out how LED lights are helping Peerdeman Orchideeën to cultivate plants more efficiently.
    A closer look at one of the plants at Peerdeman Orchidieeën

    Customer challenge

    Peerdeman Orchideeën is a pioneer in Orchid and tissue cultivation. The company wanted to find the right light recipe for more efficient, economical growth. After following the progress of LED for several years, the company decided to trial it in the lab.
    Peerdeman Orchideeën lit up by Philips lighting lights

    We were surprised to see that LEDs really make
    a positive difference.

    The option of optimizing spectrum, uniformity and heat distribution makes this the ideal solution.”


    - Arjen Peerdeman, Peerdeman Orchideeën”

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    The right lighting


    Improving tissue cultivation is a challenge for even the most green-fingered grower. The conditions must always be correct so as to allow nature to do its work. By installing Philips GreenPower LED strings in the cultivation labs, Philips and Peerdeman Orchideeën could fine tune the light recipe for optimal growth.


    Over three years of trials, the best light recipe for orchids was found by varying light intensity and color ratio. The quality of the tissue cultivation was not only maintained, but it actually improved under the LED grow lights. The new horticultural lighting system provides uniform beam distribution, and optimized heat and light.


    The positive results were primarily due to good dispersal of light. In addition, the savings on energy and space allow the company to grow tissue more efficiently. Because the LED grow lights produce less heat than fluorescent lamps, less cooling is needed and the lamps can be placed closer to the plants.


    The new LED horticultural lighting provides energy savings of 50% compared to fluorescent lighting. Calculations show that the payback period for the equipment is no more than four and a half years.

    the right


    The team

    Peerdeman Orchideeën


    Van der Laan

    Philips Horti LED partner

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