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    Green Sense Farms, Portage, USA

    Robert Colangelo and Carl Wenz wanted to show that fresh produce could be grown and distributed profitably all-year-round, providing a consistently fresh supply of food for consumers, and also dramatically reducing the emissions associated with long-haul food transportation.
    Green Sense Farms, Portage, USA

    By growing crops 

    we are able to achieve a higher yield, with a smaller footprint.”

    Robert Colangelo, Founding Farmer GSF
    Robert Colangelo
    Cultivation under LED lighting

    The right lighting 


    Green Sense Farms leases a 30,000-square foot warehouse in a centrally located industrial park, which can serve a 5-state Midwestern region. It has built two climatecontrolled grow rooms, each equipped with seven 12-meter tall grow towers and 7,000 Philips GreenPower LED production modules. The cool burning lights require less climate control and use less energy, so they can be placed closer to the plants, allowing for more levels to be stacked. For Green Sense Farms this resulted in a cost savings and increased production.


    Green Sense Farms can now bring affordable, fresh food all-year-round for customers in the Midwest. They make more efficient use of land, water and energy to grow food free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and GMO seeds. On top, they create dramatically fewer emissions caused by the transportation of food.


    As the global population exceeds 7 billion people, this sustainable method of farming requires a small footprint to produce high volumes of quality leafy greens year round to local consumers while conserving energy and water. The future of farming is now.


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    GreenPower LED production module

    Philips GreenPower LED production module


    The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.


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