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    Deliscious is a leader in lettuce growth. Run by two twin brothers, Roy and Mark Delissen, it is the first Dutch lettuce farm with a mobile ‘gutter’ system in which the plants float on water, and the first to transfer a part of its cultivation to a completely closed space. But how could Deliscious maintain its production in winter, when less daylight is available?



    Roy and Mark Delissen, the owners of Deliscious, a lettuce growth company which uses Philips horticulture lighting

    We have increased the quality

    of the plants due to a conditioned cultivation process."

    - Mark & Roy Delissen

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    The right lighting 


    The Delissen brothers are never afraid to turn over a new leaf. Seeking a new cultivation concept that would allow them total control over the growing process, they spent just over a year testing different lighting levels and spectra. As a result, they identified the right light recipe for growing lettuce without daylight.

    LED light is a vital ingredient in this process. Philips GreenPower LED production modules, which measure one and a half meters in length, illuminate the baby plants with the correct light formula to ensure uniform growth. The growers can control the exact duration, brightness and spectra of light each crop of lettuce gets, ensuring consistent growth all year round.

    Mark Delissen is very happy with the results. “During the test phase we found that the plants from the cell are of a much higher quality. This is because they are accustomed to consistent, optimum conditions, whereas at the plant supplier’s site they have to cope with variations in temperature, air humidity and other uncontrollable factors. We expect the stronger plants will also enable us to save on plant protection, but that will be an added bonus."

    The optimization of the cultivation process means a better return for the growers, and a consistent quality of product for their customers. In addition, the long lifetime of LED bulbs means lettuce production will remain virtually disruption-free.


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    Philips Greenpower LED production module    

    The production module is developed for multilayer cultivation in conditioned environments with little or no daylight.
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