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    When it comes to plants, Baileys knows how to grow. Distributing products through 4,500 customers all over the USA and Canada, it is one of America’s largest wholesale nurseries. However, its crops of hard-to-propagate plants were draining resources and profits. With only 30% of each crop successfully taking root, Baileys needed a way to improve the growing process.

    Jean Marc Versolato, Plant Health Department, Bailey posing next to the growing plants under GreenPower LEDs by Philips Lighting

    The results of
    this trial

    indicate to me that we will improve plant stand, reduce crop time, increase overall plant health, and conserve energy during the winter months – a win-win for the nursery and our customers.”

    - Jean Marc Versolato, Plant Health Department, Bailey

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    The right lighting


    Seeking a scientifically sound solution, Baileys trialled Philips GreenPower LED production module in a propagation room. The LED fixtures, mounted close to the cuttings and delivering red and blue light, were switched on for 16 hours a day. The luminaires give different recipes of light that help plants to either develop roots, hasten flower initiation, or speed up flowering time.


    The trial was a resounding success. The LED propagation lights gave better control over the plant growth cycle, enabling higher rooting percentages. Plant quality was improved, with more uniform and consistent growth, better roots, and stronger plants. Lilacs in particular showed a much higher percentage of successfully rooted plants. Lastly, faster growth shaved an entire week off the rooting schedule.


    Not only do the GreenPower lights improve growth, but they also make maintenance easier. The lower level of heat generated by the fixtures means that growers only need to look at the plant once or twice a day, where previously they had to do it hourly. The energy-efficient LED lights will also increase the scope for production in the colder seasons, and bring in significant electricity savings. Here’s to the next harvest.


    After a year of trials at Baileys, the GreenPower propagation lights improved the success rate of hard-to-grow crops from 30% to 85%.


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