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    Rome, Italy


    Discover how retail lighting is delighting visitors in Eataly, Rome.
    Façade of Eataly, Rome lit with Philips lighting

    We’re very happy with
    the result. 

    All our customers compliment us on the lighting. We prefer when they compliment us on the food, but lighting is also good!"


    - Oscar Farinetti, founder of Eataly

    LED shop lighting by Philips
    Eataly store lit with Philips retail lighting

    Customer challenge

    Eataly is making Rome proud. This four-level megastore, which combines markets, eateries, and teaching facilities, is showing the world why Italy is famous for food. Preparing for the store’s opening in June 2012, Philips had just nine months to design a radiant retail lighting concept.
    Overview of the Eataly store at Rome illuminating with Philips retail lighting

    The right lighting


    For a gastronomic giant like Eataly, something special was needed. Collaborating with Luceplan, a Philips-owned Italian design company, our team set to work creating an appetising in-store ambience. For general lighting and sales area illumination, we set up track-mounted StyliD spotlights. These fixtures can fill the area with bright, refreshing light, or create a more subtle ambience for refined areas such as the wine store.


    For shelf lighting, we used Maxos LED panels, which can effectively direct light into merchandise, enhancing product appearance. LED shop lighting was added to the exterior façade, where Philips eW Graze Powercore lamps were installed, and outside, where DecoScene LED fixtures were recessed into the paving. The windows are illuminated from the inside using Philips iColor Graze Powercore fixtures, allowing both static and dynamic light displays. The exterior now has a stunning appearance that draws customers into the store.


    The conference room received another recent innovation. Luminous textiles, which are LED light panels covered with Kvadarat fabric, create beautiful light displays from within the walls. This allows Eataly to create a unique atmosphere that guests will always remember.


    Since its launch, Eataly has been a shining example of success, serving 25,000 visitors a day. Light has shared a huge part in this victory, by attracting and guiding customers, and creating a memorable in-store experience.

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