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    Millfield School

    Millfield School, UK


    Philips CoreLine enriches library’s learning environment

    Millfield School, Somerset UK

    The light quality
    is much better

    and the improved colour rendering hasenhanced the décor.”


    - Andy Ellis, Head of Electrical Millfield School

    Millfield School, Somerset UK

    Customer challenge


    Millfield School was founded in 1935 and has 1700 pupils and over 600 employees. The library was built in the late 1970s and the original lighting comprised surface-mounted T12 fluorescent luminaires sunk in concrete ‘pots’ with pine louvres.

    Millfield School, Somerset UK

    The right lighting 


    The initial trial proved very successful and the 123 fluorescent fittings in the library have now been replaced with seventy 300mm x 1200mm CoreLine LED luminaires. Light level readings before and after the upgrade show that light levels have improved considerably. For example, illuminance levels on the middle floor computer area have increased from 124 lux to 724 lux, with similar results on the lower floor. The installed electrical load has been reduced from over 27kW to just 2.94kW. “The light quality is much better and the improved colour rendering has enhanced the décor of the spaces,” Andy Ellis continued. “Given that the lighting is on for at least 12 hours a day, we will also save a considerable amount of energy – around 700,000kWh over the next 10 years.

    Maintenance costs will also be reduced and the fact that our estates department was able to carry out the work reduced the installation costs considerably, giving us an even faster return on investment,” he concluded.

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