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    Pitch Perfect Lighting

    at St James' Park

    Lighting St James' Park
    in Newcastle

    See how Philips provided enhanced levels of light for St James' Park.
    Pitch Perfect Lighting at St James' Park

    Given our long history
    and the reliability

    of the existing floodlights, Philips was without doubt the ideal partner.”


    - Eddie Rutherford, Stadium Manager at Newcastle United

    Pitch Perfect Lighting at St James' Park
    Pitch Perfect Lighting at St James' Park

    Customer Challenge


    St. James’ Park is the oldest football stadium in the North East. When the English Football Premier League issued their new lighting requirements to satisfy the latest broadcasting techniques, Newcastle United FC contacted Philips Lighting.

    Pitch Perfect Lighting at St James' Park

    The right lighting


    The previous Philips system was installed in 1994, with some further additions made in 1998. The result was a mixture of Philips 1800W and 2000W metal halide floodlights, which delivered 1400 lux vertical towards the main camera only; less than the new requirements which now include field cameras as well as fixed. During the closed season, 342 Philips MVF404 ArenaVision 2000W floodlights were installed in St James' Park. The Philips’ high-output compact single-ended metalhalide lamps, with dedicated optics, ensure maximum optical efficiency and accurate light distribution with a minimum of upward spill light.


    This new system exceeds Premier League requirements. Towards the main camera 2000 lux has been achieved whilst, when play is covered by the secondary field cameras the same lux level is ensured. Eddie explains; “We have future proofed the system using Philips electronic ballasts to achieve the new flicker rate"

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    Lighting St James' Park,

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