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    Connected lighting for offices

    In a connected lighting system, luminaires and other lighting system devices merge with IT networks to allow for the collection, distribution and storage of large amounts of data.  

    Office buildings are not just places to do work but are business critical assets that can help win, retain and serve customers.  Companies who want to get ahead of their competitors will transform their building infrastructure to deliver excellent customer experience, manage building assets and increase productivity.

    Here are five ways connected lighting uses data to deliver value beyond illumination.


    • Connected luminaires: data for operational insight
    • Connected spaces: data for optimizing environments
    • Connected people: data for personalized experiences
    • Connected software: data for real-time monitoring and historical reporting
    • Connected landscape: data for the new digital ecology


    For more information about each of the above areas. 

    Are you responsible for the building you work in and/or the people who work within it? New alternative workplace strategies are constantly emerging. So what is the right strategy for you and what should you avoid? Read on to hear what the experts have to say. 

    Interact Office is a new energy-saving LED solution in smart lighting systems.  There’s no upfront investment, just a low monthly managed service fee. Suitable for retrofit situations and a tracking dashboard to create data-driven insights.

    Discover more about connected lighting and how it can be implemented into your working environment.

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