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    It's all about 
    the data

    Welcome to the era of
    the smart office

    Workplaces can now be customized with smart,

    connected technologies to reduce energy costs, optimize

    space utilization, create enhanced experiences for

    employees, and strengthen corporate culture and values.

    Smart offices employ connected devices to track and

    gather data on occupation, movement, and resources,

    then adapt systems and services accordingly to improve

    the performance of both the building and the people who

    work there.

    Ask any business leader what has had the greatest impact on their industry or organization over the last few decades, and you’re bound to get the same, popular response: technology. That’s because nearly every aspect of running a modern company is now affected by technology."


    -Elizabeth Dukes
    EVP & CMO, iOffice

    Make data-driven
    business decisions

    Make data-driven business decisions: watch video
    the video
    Technology and the new face of the modern workplace
    Technology and the new face of the modern workplace

    Technology and the new
    face of
    the modern

    In the past, businesses had to collect data about

    employees and facilities manually, which was both

    ineffcient and relatively ineffective. Advances in

    connected technologies have made the continuous

    collection of data easy. The challenge now is figuring out

    how to manage and analyze the nearly incomprehensible

    volume of data that workplace technology can provide.

    Offices, once dumb containers,
    become smart

    We are now entering the third wave of the smart building. Building managers today have the real-time capabilities to adapt and recongure workspaces to support important workforce objectives, such as well-being, innovation, and productivity. This marks a spectacular leap into the future: the dumb container is now becoming a smart arena for new ways of working.


    How did we get here? How did the tools and technologies of real-time real estate emerge? Workplace expert Jeremy Myerson talks about six game-changing shifts in offce design.

    Watch leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine sharing examples of some innovative approaches adopted at major corporations such as HP.

    The role of new technology
    in CRE

    The Internet of Things and related advances in technology are changing the way CRE professionals make decisions.

    In this video, leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine shares examples of some innovative approaches adopted at major corporations such as HP.

    Smart processes for
    smart buildings

    Smart buildings rely on a smart process that promotes collaboration among multiple companies within different industries. Managing collaboration on the scale necessary for deploying effective smart building solutions requires a coordinated, holistic approach.


    If we change our portfolio, or change how we want to run our portfolio, we have to put numbers to it, and this is something I am pushing forward very hard. I want to have everything number-based, as much as possible, quantifed. And then it is easy to communicate to our people.”

    Christoph Rogge
    Global Expert Workspace Strategy, La Roche Ltd

    InterAct Office
    Enterprise-level connected lighting retrofit for offices

    InterAct Office supports alternative workplace strategies in your existing office spaces. Gain deeper insights into how work flows though the business while enhancing employee productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing your energy footprint.

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    Act today for a smarter workplace. Receive exclusive insights into top industry trends, learn how the Internet of Things and connected technologies can support your business objectives, and much more.

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