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    Seven top trends
    for the future of
    corporate real estate

    WORKTECH Academy has identified key trends driving change in corporate real estate. In this article, WORKTECH director Jeremy Myerson highlights seven of these trends.

    Many corporates are now in full flight from the cube farm to funky, friendlier co-working spaces, while workplace experience is becoming equally as important as workplace appearance. Health and well-being is set to remain high on the workplace agenda throughout 2017 and beyond. The provision of food and drink in the workplace is becoming central to corporate mission and culture, as are agile working practices that allow employees to sever the desk tether and work in varied settings. Smart technologies are supporting the idea of ”curating” the environment for specific groups of workers, helping to move hospitality approaches into the mainstream of facilities management.

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    In this article

    • From cubicles to co-working
    • From design for appearance to design for experience
    • From productivity to well-being
    • From cake to calorie-counting
    • From static to agile working
    • From control to curation
    • From facilities to hospitality
    Jeremy Myerson, director of WORKTECH Academy

    About the author

    Jeremy Myerson is the director of WORKTECH Academy. An academic researcher, author, and activist in workplace design and innovation, Jeremy holds the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design at the Royal College of Art and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford.