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    Make the most of
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    Optimize work while optimizing workspaces

    Everyone likes a win-win, and real estate optimization offers exactly that. Employees enjoy workplaces that meet their needs and support their activities more effectively than ever before, while employers are able to reduce operational costs and carbon emissions associated with underutilized space.


    The key to real estate optimization is clear, reliable data on space usage—how and where people work, meet, rest, and eat. Managers can use this data to make informed business decisions, uncover new sources of revenue, and identify opportunities to make workspaces fit for purpose.

    Smart workplace approaches will be adopted over time. It’s obvious that you cannot keep on paying for empty spaces—there is no business value. Having a real estate strategy that matches the business needs is a priority."


    - Stephen Higgins

    Director Worldwide Real Estate, Lenovo

    Real estate optimization strategies that make the difference

    Watch the video about real estate optimization strategies
    the video
    Watch CRE executive Jill Zunshine discussing the major trends impacting corporate real estate in its new role as a strategic business partner.

    The changing landscape of corporate real estate


    Corporate real estate has been elevated in recent years to the C-suite, and it can be a source of competitive advantage if a business uses it right.


    In this video, leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine discusses the major trends impacting corporate real estate in its new role as a strategic business partner.

    Real estate strategy, analytics, and the future smart workplace

    "Technology has overtaken every aspect of the workplace. We are on the cusp of revolutionary changes in working practice . . . Access to data will absolutely change how we plan offices in the very near future. The more successful real estate organizations will be those that convince the business that data-driven analytics is the way forward."

    So concludes Stephen Higgins, Director of Worldwide Real Estate at Lenovo.

    Location strategy:
    Top challenges and how to solve them


    Like anything worth doing, developing an effective location strategy can be demanding. Leading CRE executive Jill Zunshine talks about how to deal with time constraints, lack of funding, raw human emotions, and other challenges you might encounter along the way.

    Watch the video and learn why location strategy is a competitive advantage of your company
    Having the right location strategy is a competitive advantage for your company.
    Watch the video

    InterAct Office
    Enterprise-level connected lighting retrofit for offices

    InterAct Office supports alternative workplace strategies in your existing office spaces. Gain deeper insights into how work flows though the business while enhancing employee productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing your energy footprint.

    Interested in discovering more about InterAct office?


    Act today for a smarter workplace. Receive exclusive insights into top industry trends, learn how the Internet of Things and connected technologies can support your business objectives, and much more.

    We’d love to hear from you!

    Please contact us with any questions, insights, or ideas about InterAct Office and your CRE environment.


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    Real insights  for real estate managers

    Making data-driven business decisions
    Alternative strategies for working smarter

    Alternative strategies for working smarter

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    Sustainability that strenghtens the bottom line

    Sustainability that strengthens your bottom line

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