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    From smart buildings
    to smart precincts

    New models for the design of
    mixed-use developments

    As the rise of the smart, enabled precinct extends the opportunities for
    real-time real estate from a single smart building to an entire city block or urban digital district, what are the new models that are emerging?

    According to a discussion paper from developer Mirvac, co-produced with WORKTECH Academy, one of these new models is the design of mixed-use developments that incorporate workspace, retail, hospitality, leisure, residential, education, and transport. These developments are evolving to integrate physical experiences with smart technologies, strengthen the community fabric of an area, and support an emerging tech-led economy. The report identifies four core typologies.
    About the author
    Jeremy Myerson, director of WORKTECH Academy
    Jeremy Myerson is the director of WORKTECH Academy. An academic researcher, author, and activist in workplace design and innovation, Jeremy holds the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design at the Royal College of Art and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford.

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